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Truckee River fly fishing guides - Lake Tahoe

The area around Tahoe near Truckee here in California offers some truly remarkable opportunities for fly fishing for trophy trout. Off the Hook is your source for information and fly fishing guides on the Truckee River and other Tahoe area fisheries.

Truckee River fly fishing guides: Matt with a nice fishTruckee River fly fishing guides: Matt with a nice fish and a happy young angler.

The Rivers

One area in particular on Tahoe's North Shore has what many consider to be some of the most challenging, yet rewarding fly fishing rivers in the state of California. The Truckee and Little Truckee rivers offer what many rivers can not, a chance at a truly trophy size large wild trout any day of the year in this scenic wonderland! We offer the very best local fly fishing guides for the Truckee River near Lake Tahoe.

Fly fishing the Truckee
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The most talked about of the two options is the Truckee. The ‘famous’ stretch of the Truckee begins in the town of Truckee and heads north east towards Reno, NV. This section produces both wild Rainbows and Browns. These hard fighting wild fish are truly spectacular. Most guiding is done within the first twenty miles of river immediately down stream of the town of Truckee. The Truckee is a classic freestone river consisting of runs, riffles, deep pools and of course pocket water. This is ideal for fly fishers of all types and preferences. We tend to incorporate nearly all types of angling techniques on this river, dries from size 12-22, big streamers, and of course heavy indicator rigs for the bigger water. The most common practice and highest producer being high stick nymphing.

The Truckee River is home to both wild browns and rainbows: There is a big Truckee brownie out there waiting for you...The Truckee River is home to both wild browns and rainbows: There is a big Truckee brownie out there waiting for you...

Fly fishing the Little Truckee

The Little Truckee, our small gem just north east of town is known for big fish, and tiny flies. This four mile tailwater fishery is very much the opposite of its big brother. On the LT, perfect presentations and light tippets are the norm. Although it’s a tailwater, many relate this river to some of the famous spring creeks throughout the west. Consistent, clear flows give anglers the opportunity to sight fish nearly ever day of the year. Generally we are fishing nymphs and dries in the 16-22 size range.

Did we mention that the LT has been said to be one of the best rivers in the west to catch a 20+ fish on a dry?!

A Truckee River Trophy!

What this area lacks in pure numbers, it more than makes up for in the size of these beautiful wild fish. This little gem is known to be a challenge. Heading out on the water with one of our local guides will put you in the best position to have an unforgettable day on the water.

The Seasons on the Truckee


Truckee: This is when we start to see our first consistent hatches of the year, March Browns and Skwalas being the go-to’s on the river. Late spring can be really good however run-off can be and issue.

Little Truckee: Or LT as it is referred to by locals has some consistent hatches as well, Blue Wing Olives are what get people excited this time of year.


Truckee: In early summer everything is going on and you might see all of the big four, Caddis, Mayflies, Stoneflies and Midges throughout the course of a day. This is one of our favorite times of the year to fish the Big Truckee, usually early, and late in the day.

Little Truckee: Blue Wing Olives are still going strong and the PMD's start to show themselves, along with all of your big four as well. This can be Go-Time for dries, especially early in the summer.


Truckee and LT: Usually both of these fisheries are red hot in the early fall. Fish are gorging and trying to put on those last few ounces that will get them through the cold winter. The summer crowds are thinning and the skiers have not arrived. This can be a great time of year to throw streamers for the area's largest predator Bows' and Browns. This is one of our favorite times to be on the water!


Truckee: Low, cold water can make fishing in this freestone challenging during the winter. The good news is you may see midges, and winter stones around…but you might have to dig through the snow to get to them and the fish.

Little Truckee: Can be a fantastic winter fishery, more consistent the BT. This is your best chance for fishing winter dries.

Conditions change daily so call (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939 for the current Truckee River fishing report.

Truckee River Guided Fly Fishing

Full day - Eight hours of guided fly fishing and instruction with bottled water provided - $450 (1 or 2 anglers)

Half day - Four to 5 hours of guided fishing(available on select rivers) - $350

Raft trips - Eight hours of fishing and instruction (available on select portions of our Tahoe area waters) - $500

Note: California Fishing License, transportation and gratuities not included.

Trips with Off the Hook endorsed guides include rods, reels, bottled water, terminal tackle and flies! We also offer a limited supply of boots and waders available on a first come first serve basis at no additional cost! So call now to reserve your guide and gear! Call (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939. We are also available via email at should you prefer to correspond in this way. We offer group trips, corporate fly fishing outings and classes and our gift certificates are very popular.

Note: California fishing licenses, transportation and Gratuity not included

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Truckee River fly fishing Gallery

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