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Northern California Fly Fishing Report - December, 2015

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – December, 2015

American River- Fair Flows are low and temps - high 50’s but fishable. (575CFS)

USGS reports flows are at 575 CFS and climbing. The recent rain should help continue this trend and bring fresh fish into the system.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report - November, 2015

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – November, 2015

American River – Poor Flows are extremely low and very warm (500 CFS).

Gettin' the Boot

So I caught a boot on Thursday. Seriously, a boot. A giant hip boot. It felt like I was in a Loony Toons cartoon. I drug it out of Putah Creek on 5x with a #20 Zebra Midge. It had obviously been there a while judging from the cased caddis that had made their homes on it. It tricked me for a second too. When I set the hook it moved just a bit, like a super jumbo trout that didn't really know it was hooked. Yeah. But I quickly realized it was a poor fighter. Here's my catch.

Anyway, I did actually hook a few trout. Nothing terribly large today, from what I could tell but a couple encounters were very brief. The water was up and a really kind of clearish-green that made me wish steelhead still ran up there. The graph said it was running about 175cfs but I'd guess more like 250-ish? Still wadable but pushy. So yeah, go capture your own. Maybe we'll host a boot catching contest soon. Like send in your best boot (or rock) photos and we'll pick a winner. Yeah, so...


Hewlett Packard group score fly fishing on Putah Creek!

Bob Burkhardt(software sales at HP)and his fearless group joined us for a fly fishing class on Putah Creek here in the Napa Valley.

Yuba River pre-Thanksgiving dry fly action.

I had the pleasure of taking Nancy S and her husband fly fishing on the Yuba River just before Thanksgiving. Most anglers have moved on to fishing the Lower Sac or fishing for Steelhead, but I was still glad we were fishing via our private access. The weather was mild and partly cloudy with temps hovering around 60 degrees. There was sporadic insect activity, but this didn't deter us from targeting fish on dries. Overall we had a good day. We hooked and positively identified 15 fish. Not only does fishing dries remove the guess work of indicator nymphing, it also is darn fun!

The Lower Sac, family, friends, food and wine...and 1 Brown Trout!

We had the pleasure of fishing a fun group of friends on the Lower Sacramento last weekend. Hotel accommodations were provided for two nights by the Hilton Garden Inn in Redding and we fished for two days on the Lower Sac.

A nice Trout eats a ...Rattlesnake!?!?

Trout eat many different insects, vertebrates and invertebrates, but check out specifically what this big Trout eats...

Lower Sacramento and McCloud October 5, 6

Scott W. and his long time friend and now fly fishing partner Matt recently fished two days with us.
One of Matt's beauties!One of Matt's beauties!

October 1, 2 Lower Sacramento trip

We spent two days on the Lower Sac with clients Jeff D. and Jim W. from Granite Bay. We fished the top end on day one. We hooked quite a few fish the largest of which hammered the egg patterns.
Success is sweet!Success is sweet!

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