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Northern California Fly Fishing Report – April 7, 2017

Best bets, Truckee, Delta or Pyramid Lake.

American Steelhead – Poor Flows 8,500 cfs Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – Off color

Steelhead fishing continues to be challenging on the American due to high water. Our guides were out two weeks ago and landed some fish but it has been scratching and clawing for them. Recent rains have the flows even higher than last report. Nymphing has fished best on the periphery. It is still not safe wading at this point. We don’t recommend wading above 3,500 cfs and even drifts can be a bit sketchy.
Steelheading is tapering off and it may not come back in shape in time to fish again this year. All the water is good for future fishing so we can’t complain.

Delta Stiper – Fair Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – Muddy

Striper fishing continues to be challenging on the Delta although we’re still getting enough fish each trip to keep things interesting. Captain Bryce Tedford had nearly 30 fish in the boat recently! Most keepers have been 3 to 5 lbs with an occasional 6 to 9 lber. This recent rain will again make the water cold and a bit muddy. A day or two after this rain stops good fishing will resume. Weather can be great one day and terrible the next. Watch the report and shoot for good weather after a couple rain free days. Our guides have been burning quite a bit of gas to get to fish but it’s been worth it. We have been running floating, intermediate and sinking lines recently with success on all. Bill Beckett says that dark flies with rattles have been fishing well for him for largemouth bass. Best bet has been at the ends of the dead end sloughs. We will need some more warm weather without cold rainwater coursing in for largemouth to be a thing.

Smallmouth fishing on the Northern Delta is still not doable as the Sacramento is still blown out. For now we suggest focusing on striper. Best flies for them have been clousers in Chartreuse/White or baby blue and white. Rattles can help fish find flies in muddy water.

With all the water it is going to be a good year on the Delta!

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – Mar 3, 2017

Best Bets - Trinity Steelhead, Truckee River Trout, Pyramid Lake Cutthroats.

Delta Stiper - Poor to Fair Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – Muddy

Striper fishing continues to be tough on the Delta. Lots of rain and cold water have flooded the delta bringing brown water and very difficult conditions. Only the very hardiest of anglers have been going out right recently, but things can only improve. If you go use patterns that push water (1/0-2/0) with a rattle down low and slow.

Most days anglers are struggling to catch fish however Captain Bryce Tedford had a nice day this week with 20 fish to the boat including this fish above.

We will have to see what happens when the snow run off begins shortly however we are hoping/planning to be at it full tilt by mid March. With all the water it is going to be a good year on the Delta.

Call now to reserve your Spring days for March, April and May. Call the shop at (916)722-1055 or Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 to get out with Maury, Bryce and Toby for some memorable striper action this season

Napa River – Poor. Flows – average, Water temps - 60’s. Water clarity – Stained

We are thankful for all the rain we have been getting, but it is definitely having an effect on the fishing. There are opportunities for fishing in between the storms however it takes at least a week without heavy rain before things improve.

We had two reports of anglers catching a few fish last week. Nothing huge but it sure beats not fishing at all!

We are looking forward to good Spring and Summer fishing in the Napa Valley. Stay tuned for updated reports, or give us a call at (707)287-2939 for current information.

Putah Creek – Open Flows – 3,000 CFS. Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – Green

Flows on Putah Creek are slowly dropping and are currently around 3,000 cfs. Recent rain caused a beautiful sight recently as heavy rains made history and water spilled into the glory hole on Feb 17 giving the creek a much needed flush. We are hoping that much of the heavy siltation caused by two summers of fires and the subsequent heavy runoff years will have been cleared out.

We are excited to see what all this water has done to the creek. There is still some rain to come but given the current rate at which the water is dropping it should be fishable by mid March. This will be just in time to celebrate all the water and greenery with some frosty green beverages!
Good spring fishing should be just around the corner, so Reserve your Spring Putah trip today! Call us at (707)287-2939 or at the shop at (916)722-1055.

Guide tip: “Wait until the water is below 1,000 cfs and be careful when wading. A wading staff and inflatable life jacket would be wise this time of year… oh and go fish Pyramid.”

Pyramid Lake Nevada - Great!!! Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – 3 feet

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