Yuba “Egg Bite” Group Trip October 7 & 8, 2011

Summer is ending let's get ready for the Fall

Well this summer has been an exciting one. I hope you all have gone out and found some fish. Hopefully you have expanded your skills and targeted some new species of fish.

There is still good trout fishing right now even though the thermometer is reading 100. Being that water of Putah Creek is 51 degrees year round those fish will feed all throughout the day. Give us a call if you would like to learn how to fish the creek at its high flows.

Want free flies?

We will be giving away a dozen custom tied flies by commercial contract tier Brett Wedeking. All you need to do is submit your fish (it doesn't have to be a big one) to us by email. Send your entry to info@offthehookflyfishing.

Yuba “Egg Bite” Group Trip October 7 & 8, 2011

Off the Hook Fly Fishing hosted an energetic group of 8 anglers last weekend on the Yuba River here in Northern California. The group was fantastic and made up of young professionals most of which had known each other for years. Their personalities, viewpoints and vocational experiences were as unique as their past fishing experience.

Putah Becoming Prime

A Great Day of Fishing

I had the pleasure of fishing Joe and Kristin B from Chicago Il. on Putah last week. They had fished a bit before and were brand new to fly fishing. They were great and their let’s do it attitude made the day a real pleasure. Flows were still very high (600+) as they typically are during the summer. We started off the day with casting instruction and some brief insect study. We saw some insects, rock worm caddis, tons of midges, and some small baetis. Kristin hooked a couple of fish and used the long line release technique.

Better late then never...

Well it's been a funky summer to say the least. With the incredible amount of rain and snow we had this year we were starting to think that the summer would never start. Now that water levels have settled the fishing is on fire.

Putah Pays Off

This morning I was treated to taking out a 15 year old kid named Jack. Jack told me that he had done quite a bit of fly fishing already though neverbecause in "Northern California. I could tell by the way he said it that he was already afly fishing addict.

After the first five minutes of watching him roll cast, mend, and read the water I could tell that he was a stud. I told him what a challenge Putah Creek can be but if you get technical you can do pretty well. I took us a couple of hours to find the fish but once we did we caught fire.

Take a Chance

During the winter I was given a lead on a small creek here in the valley that was loaded with wild fish. I had almost forgotten about iI until my buddy phoned me and said he wanted to fish but fish somewhere new.

I told him about the lead I had on this place but did not really know what to expect. There is a great feeling of joy heading out to a place that you have never fished. You run the chance of the day being a total bust but we were prepared for that if it were the case.

Summer on Putah

Warm weather, high water, and lots of day traffic as of recent on the creek. Just a taste of whats to come. Last I checked the flows were at 450 and they will only be rising. Not to say there aren't ways to get in and catch fish but your really need to know the spots, how to access them, and how to get creative with your casts to get your fly to the strike zone. Needless to say that fighting fish at these flows can be as tough as hooking them.

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