Northern California Fly Fishing Report - June 16, 2016

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – June 15, 2016

American River – Fair to Good. Flows - 4,000 CFS at Fair Oaks. Temp. – 57 to 60 Degrees. Water clarity – Very clear

Striper fishing continues to be decent on the American. This trip is best suited to the advanced level caster as clear water is rewarding the long throws and a quiet hunting approach with an occasional large fish. It isn’t happening every day but there is always a chance at a trophy. First light continues to producing some blow ups on top-water. Later in the day we’re switching to clousers on type 3 to 6 lines to search all the likely holding areas. Depending on the day, we have been averaging between 10 to 20 fish per rod per trip. Mostly fish have been small to medium size with a few in the 8 to 9 lb range beginning to show in the last couple days. We’ve heard reports of up to 40 fish caught on some days. If you are fishing on your own keep moving to find fish and search the likely holding water and then move to the next likely spot. Best flies have been Byng’s Bait fish in white/chartreuse, Toby’s American River Rainbow Clouser and the Stay Hungry Streamer in gray/white.

Shad are still in and being caught in good numbers. Fish are being caught through out the day however early in the morning and especially the evening have been producing well this week. Try swinging traditional shad flies (stop by the shop for a list of the hot flies) or if you are all about numbers fishing them under an indicator is also producing well.

Guide Tip: “Hot colors are orange and pink this year.”

We have been doing evening shad trips which include 3+ hours of fishing for $250. Call the shop at (916)722-1055 or Off the Hook fly fishing directly at (707)287-2939 to set up a striper or shad trip on the American.

Delta Stiper- Poor. Water Temp 56-60 degrees. Water Clarity – Good to great. Smallmouth/largemouth - Good

There are still some stripers being caught first thing in the morning on our trips in the delta but they are almost exclusively “schoolies” so we have shifted our focus to bass for the summer. We had several reports of decent largemouth bass fishing this last week. Most fish were caught on streamers in the central part of the Delta around Franks Tract. Our guides continue to focus on the predominantly on large and smallmouth bass fishing. The smallmouth trips are ideal for the entry level fly angler but enjoyable for experienced world traveled fishers alike. Light rods and short casts produce many surface grabs that can reward each guest with up to 20 to 50+ fish per day! These 5 hour trips are close to Sacramento and done primarily on the small protected sloughs in the Delta. Making many casts throwing poppers to the bank against the rocks really helps anglers hone their skills. This summer fishery is off to a great start and we had several great outings last week. We will be chasing these bronze beauties all summer long.

Guide Tip: ”Throw small poppers in various dark or light colors as well clousers in chartreuse/white, olive/white and orange/white for best results.”

We will be fishing SMB all summer. Give us a call at the shop at (916)722-1055 or (707)287-2939 to get out with Maury, Bryce and Toby for some memorable Summer SMB action.

Feather River – Good to Great. Flows – 1750 through low flow, 2,500 below Thermalito. Water temps - low 60’s. Water clarity – clear

Swinging and nymphing has been producing good numbers of fish this week. One of our boats had 30 fish in the net this weekend! There are still a few salmon in the system as well right now so keep that in mind. Fishing bugs is working but you will want to have an egg in your set up for sure.

Give us a call at the (707)287-2939 or at the shop to reserve what should be a great Summer on the Feather.

Guide tip: Big Prince Nymphs, Fox Poopahs, Micro Mays, Copper Johns, Red Headed Step Childs and Sucker Spawns and eggs have been working. Fish are throughout the system, so don’t just key in on one spot or even one section.

Napa River – Fair. Flows – average. Water temps - 60’s. Water clarity – Poor

Fishing has been so-so. Most fish reported last week were in the 16 to 24” range. This is typical for this time of year. Fish chartreuse or white streamers on sinking lines in fast moving water. Watch for larger spring tides and fish the moving water on outgoing or incoming tide. We like to focus our efforts early and late in the day for larger fish, however summer days from the 4th of July on can produce some good numbers of schoolies.

Call Off the Hook Fly Fishing at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 for current reports and conditions.

Putah Creek – Fair. Flows - 620 CFS. Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – Slightly off color

Flows on Putah Creek have climbed back up to 620 cfs from just over 475 back on June 12. Summer flows can be challenging on Putah as agriculture and power needs grow. Jordan, Rob and our guides have some tricks up their sleeves for success during these high water conditions. Focus on the slower edges instead of right out in the middle of the current. Also remember to use plenty of split shot or you will just fish over their heads and not hook much. For patterns use small midges and Baetis patterns including Tungsten Zebra Midge(black), Mighty Mite Beatis, Hogan’s S & M Nymph (olive), Craves Juju Baetis and Mercer’s Micro May. Focus on the edges this time of year and try slightly larger flies. Hiring a guide on Putah is more important than many of our other waters as they will be indispensible in helping to break the code and catch fish during the summer season.

Call Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 or at the shop at (916)722-1055 for current conditions or to reserve a guided day.

Guide tip: “make sure you have enough weight on this time of year to get to the bottom. If you’re not hanging up you’re not catching fish.”

Russian River - Good. Flows - 250 CFS at Guernville. Temps - high 60’s. Water clarity – Clear

Many people are unaware that the Russian River is a good smallmouth fishery during the summer months. We fish it via walk and wade as well as drift boat although the latter is mostly for transportation from hole to hole. Clousers and crayfish patters are producing best although top water has been producing some fish first thing in the morning or late in the evening soon. The Russian continues to produce some nice fish this last week. Being on the water early is important not to beat the fishermen as there aren’t really any. It is more about beating the “splash and giggle croud” of rafters and swimmers. This is not as much a topwater fishery like the Delta smallmouth, however if you are in the Santa Rosa or San Francisco Area it is a good close option.

Give us a call at (916)722-1055 or at (707)287-2939 for more info or to book a trip.

Lower Sacramento– GREAT! Flows – 8,000 CFS Temps - low 50’s. Water clarity – clear

The Lower Sac continues to fish very well although flows are up to 8,000. This along with temps over 100 degrees may have an impact on things but for now it’s still fishing really well. We will have to wait and see. Fish are finished spawning and in chow mode! The stonefly hatch is done however PMD’s, and Caddis are working well.

Guide tip: Effective patterns include G6 Caddis, Nitro Caddis.

Upper Sacramento – Fair. Flows – 370-380. CFS Temps - low 50’s. Water clarity – clear

Fishing on the Upper Sac has been fair. There are some Golden Stones and Yellow Sallies around. Small nymphs such as a Pheasant Tail have fished best. Shane Kohlbeck had some eats on a Chubby Chernobyl Golden Stone. He suggest using the dropper set up under it as you can still fish some small shot below it and it will still float well.

Truckee River – Fair to Good. Flows – 800 at Hirschdale, 1,000 CFS at state line. Water Temps. – low 60’s. Clarity – a little color.

The Truckee has been fishing pretty well with lots of water for the first time in years. The canyon on down has been a little off color but is clearing. Even with high flows it continues to produce some quality fish for those with a drag free drift. Nymphing continues to produce best although streamers have been getting some nice quality fish this week. If you lack the patience to swing, fish a big dark stonefly with some shot under an indicator. Non descript stoneflies, and larger mayfly have been working as well. A drag free drift is really the key. Whether you are high sticking the pockets or fishing a nice long run, it is critical that your flies and indicator drift right along with the current speed. Those who are proficient at the necessary techniques are being rewarded with some nice fish.

Guide tip: Fish a 9 ½ to 10 foot rod to high sticking and mending easier.

Little Truckee River– Fair. Flows –375 Water temp. high 50’s. Clarity – good

The little Truckee is fishing fair. Nymphing with San Juan Worms and PMD nymphs has been working best. Our spring bookings are looking really good this year on the Truckee with all the water. That said, we still have plenty of guide days open and we would love to get you out. Give us a call to escape the Sacramento heat and catch some nice wild fish!

Yuba River Trout– Poor. Flows – 2,100 CFS at Marysville. Water Temps - mid 50’s. Clarity – fairly clear. Yuba River Shad(below Daguerre Dam)- Great!!!

The Yuba continues to fish very slow for trout below the highway 20 bridge. We just aren’t seeing the numbers of fish that we normally would this time of year. We’re starting to see a few bugs but most days fishing has been tough. We had reports of some really knowledgeable anglers catching two to three fish on half day outings. A few reports of fish taking dark Elk Hair Caddis and the usual Yuba nymphs including Red Copper John, Pheasant Tail Nymphs and Red Headed Step Child. If you are interested in catching more fish, we recommend going for shad this time of year below Daguerre. There is very little public access on this portion of the river, however we have exclusive access to float section in drift boats. It continues to fish red hot and is a must do right now! We have been getting up to 100 fish in the net on full day floats. Most trips are averaging around 80 fish per trip. This makes for some great action so give us a call and set up a memorable trip before these fish move on. (707)287-2939 Call to reserve your trip today!

Guide tip: “Either switch to Shad fishing and concentrate on the lower river or pack it up and head to the Feather!”
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