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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Guides

The Lower Sacramento River or "Lower Sac" as it is affectionately referred is arguably one of the best fly fishing trout streams in the West. It is home to some of the best wild trout fishing in California. We feature the very best Lower Sac fly fishing guides in Redding. We love to take clients out and get them hooked up! The fishing here on the Sac is fantastic. This is due to the healthy population of fish resulting in good average size and high success rates for our clients. What's more this remarkable river fishes well year round. When there is snow and ice on the most western rivers, Lower Sac is wide open and fishes well. When you spend the day on the Lower Sac with one of our guides you are in for a treat! Your guide will have you on fish from the start and not only will you have success and leave a better angler, you will most importantly leave with great memories.

The Lower Sac offers some of the most reliably great fishing in the Western United States.The Lower Sac offers some of the most reliably great fishing in the Western United States.

The Lower Sacramento River

The Sacramento River begins at the foot of Mount Shasta and literally gushes from the ground spilling south into Shasta Lake. It emerges from the bottom of Shasta Dam near Redding and flows cold and clear on it's way to the Pacific Ocean via the Golden Gate. Constant flows and a plethora of insects make this stream a remarkable fly fishing gem. The "Lower Sac" has earned a great reputation of containing large numbers of healthy Rainbow Trout. The fish here are hard fighting football shaped wild fish that will take your breath away for many reasons. While some wading is possible depending on output from Shasta Dam, fly fishing from a McKinsey style drift boat is the best way to maximize your experience. We book only the best local fly fishing guides for this exceptional classic tail-water fishery.

Due to the sheer number of fish beautiful wild rainbows and the user friendly techniques employed by our guides, the Lower Sac is one of the best locations for new anglers to get a taste of the thrill of fly fishing.

Lower Sacramento - The Seasons

Trout can be taken with a fly rod on the Lower Sacramento year round. We have come to expect multiple fish days and even double hookups. Our favorite times to be on this exceptional urban fishery are Fall and Spring.

The Spring is a key time when trout eat Mayfly and Caddis nymphs fished “dead drifted” just a few feet from the boat. During the Spring fish can also be taken on the surface with Caddis or Pale Morning Dun dries at certain times during the

In the Fall, when the high water flows ebb and the salmon enter the system for their fall ritual, fat greedy trout move in behind the salmon to gorge on caviar. This is the ideal time to fish a glow bug or egg pattern.

For those who can handle the 100 degree temps - and red hot fishing as well - give summer on the Sac a try. The hydropsyche caddis hatches during the warm months make mid day and afternoon fishing very productive.

fly fishing the Lower SacSun Dial Bridge: Doubled over with fun!

Lower Sacramento - Guide Rates

$500 full day for 1-2 people

Full day drift trips include lunch and non alcoholic beverages.

All inclusive package available where we provide rods, reels, flies and all terminal tackle for the trip - $25 per person

A Valid California Fishing License and Steelhead tag is required.

Book Your Lower Sacramento Trip

Call us at (530)242-4122 or at (707)287-2939 to book your guided day. We are available for current stream conditions or for tips on hot fly patters. Upon booking your trip you will receive a packet with up to date information to help make your trip with us on the Sac an absolute success.

Lower Sacramento Tackle Suggestions

We recommend fishing a 9 -10’ 6 weight fly rods with weighted forward floating fly lines. Longer rods will help with the constant mending that is required to hook good numbers of these foot ball shaped Rainbows. Fishing a stout 6 or 7 weight will help put them in the boat quickly and release them unharmed to fight another day. “Dead drifting” one or two flies under an indicator is the most productive way of catching fish on this river. 10 to 12 ft Leaders tapered to 4x or 5X will suffice in most situations. Your guides will help you set up and will in most cases be able to provide loaner equipment if notified in advance.

Lower Sacramento River Flow Data: Click on the graph above for current release statistics on the Lower SacramentoLower Sacramento River Flow Data: Click on the graph above for current release statistics on the Lower Sacramento

Directions to the Lower Sacramento

Located in the heart of Redding California the lower Sacramento is located 3 1/2 hours away from San Francisco and 2 1/2 hours from Sacramento. Most of our trips begin at The Fly Shop in Redding, where you will get a chance to pick up any needed gear or licenses. It is located at 4140 Churn Creek Road Redding, CA 96002.

Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Gallery

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